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Sausage Cassoulet

Snow! It snowed! I can’t believe it – winter is really here. Allegedly this is what I wanted when I moved back North after living in blissful sunshine in New Orleans for years (snow sighting: only once). But now, I’m not so sure as the snow is already turning to mushy slush. Blech! This is a perfect recipe for a snowy dreary day. It fills the house with good smells, is hearty and warming and doesn’t take forever to make.

I had 4 pounds of ground sausage pork to use up (Had major plans for a stuffing recipe that went nowhere), so I made meatballs instead of using sausage links. Either works, but the links are definitely preferable and less work. This recipe refers to the cassoulet in ironic quotes, which frankly seems a bit snooty even for Gourmet/epicurious. My resident Frenchman approved it, so I’m removing the quotes from my version. Then again, I also added leeks which seem to really boost the French-ness of any dish.



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