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Do you like tang? That indescribable taste that makes you take spoonful (or forkful) after spoonful until you look down and realize all the food is gone? If yes, then this is the recipe for you. This was beyond good.

I recently bought an ice cream maker and I thought, where can I find an awesome ice cream recipe? Smitten Kitchen of course! The recipe is Claudia Flemming’s, apparently she has a lovely bed and breakfast on the North Fork called Table and Inn, which I need to go to, and there is an out of print cook book, which I need to buy. Hopefully not for the current asking price on Amazon ($875?!!).

But yes, back to the ice cream. It was delicious. I’ve only had homemade ice cream one other time and I forgot how rich and creamy it is. Much much better than the storebought cartons. I adjusted the recipe only slightly to toss in the blackberries towards the end (hey, they were on sale again!). I liked the idea of whole chunks of berries in the ice cream, but you could easily cook them down into a syrup to mix into the custard base if you like smooth ice cream.



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