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Dijon Chicken

After reading some of my recent recipes searching for typos, I realized I have a lot of dessert recipes on here. Four of my past five recipes are desserts. And four out of five dentists would probably tell me that is no good. So chicken today!

I love mustard, which is good because this is a very mustard recipe! I added a tablespoon or two of whole grain mustard to this because I had the end of a jar in the fridge and as Ina Garten says, whole grain mustard just seems more mustard-y. I think chicken thighs are just perfect for this recipe – the original calls for legs, which just seems all wrong. A longer cooking time with simmering in liquid is built for thighs. Also chicken thighs are seriously cheap.

I know it seems very un-summer to bring back the dutch oven, but the chicken doesn’t cook that long and it is way better than turning on the oven. Also the result is so delicious that you will be totally sold, I promise!

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos! Raw chicken is not particularly photogenic.



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Greetings to the two faithful readers I still have left! (Hi Mom!) I have taken an unintended hiatus from blogging, but I am back baby! I’ve still been cooking, so have a back log of recipes to post and I am starting with this gem. I tore it out a (typically) underwhelming issue of Bon Appetit because, well, just look at the ingredients. Rhubarb and creme fraiche? Check. And in galette form? Sign me up!

This easily the best thing I’ve done with rhubarb all summer. It is a very simple recipe – as the Resident Frechman said, “this doesn’t have enough ingredients for you to make it. Where is the heavy cream?” But the result is very delicious and really allows the rhubarb to shine. I think it was totally worth leaving the oven on for an hour when it was 90 degrees this weekend in a barely air conditioned house, which for a summer recipe is the highest possible praise.

I feel that it is my mission in life to make everyone eat this crème fraîche. It is so much better than your average whipped cream. Honestly, I don’t even want to eat whipped cream after this. You have to try it. If you don’t have a full vanilla bean, sweetened crème fraîche still tastes amazing, but the vanilla really elevates it to another level.

My usual end tips: as I’ve said before, galettes are extremely forgiving. Don’t worry about rolling out the dough perfectly. It is supposed to look rustic (and therefore charming). My dough was somewhat shaped like France. Remember when you are adding the water to the dough that you may need more or less water – it depends on the humidity of your kitchen. The recipe calls for the rhubarb to be sliced into match stick strips, which I know sounds unforgivably picky. Don’t worry about getting the pieces super thin, these can be thick matchsticks. The important part is to keep them all the (relatively) same size, so they cook evenly. Finally, Bon Appetit directs you to arrange the rhubarb in concentric circles. How that is possible with strips, I am not really sure. So make up your own pattern! And if you get neat circles, let me know how you did it!


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