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Moroccan Chicken Pie

I hate chicken pot pie. I think it usually tastes mushy and, well, really just gross. So when I spotted this recipe, I was initially suspicious. It seemed a little too close to chicken pot pie. But if this is chicken pot pie, then sign me up! I loved it! The spice mix is amazing, the chicken was tender and the phyllo, well, I won’t lie. The phyllo is a pain to work with. So fragile! So flaky! So messy! But in the end, so delicious.

So, I apologize chicken pot pie. Dressed up, you can be quite tasty.

A small warning: I wasn’t kidding about the phyllo. This is a time consuming dish to make and totally should be made on Sunday afternoon when you have some extra time. Cutting, buttering and layering the phyllo is an exercise in patience, especially when you are hungry.



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