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So all of my recipes on here so far have been recipes that I love and are tried and true classics or are new recipes that I am in love with. This one though I was not in love with. The pears are good, but they are not great. But it has a really high rating on epicurious, so who knows, maybe it is me.

If I make this again, I would definitely double, even triple the recipe. It is a lot of work for just two servings. I didn’t read the recipe carefully before I started, so I only marinated the pears for 2 hours or so. I also don’t think I boiled the syrup down enough, it wasn’t very syrupy. (Maybe that is why I didn’t love the recipe – I didn’t quite follow the directions!) The alcohol in the mascarpone was pretty strong – I loved it, but you could substitute vanilla for the extra kick without the boozy taste.



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