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Besides my new love of puff pastry, I am also in love with wonton wrappers. Oh, I still dream of making my own pasta using the Kitchen Aid attachment, but until that day comes, wonton wrappers are an excellent compromise. They are easy to work with and they make wonderful ravioli. So when I saw this delicious looking recipe (the original includes a recipe for homemade ravioli), I thought, wonton wrappers!

The original recipe is vegetarian and does not include lamb. I was going to make it that way too after convincing the Resident Frenchman that we could eat vegetarian for the night and probably survive, but then! Then I fell into a Ziploc commercial. A few weeks ago, I bought some ground lamb and froze a half pound of it. Instead of just tossing it into the freezer, I carefully labeled the bag with the date and that it was a half pound of lamb. So when I opened the freezer, I saw the bag staring at me, saying use me because I am perfectly labeled! I think I remember a Ziploc commercial like this. I was powerless to resist the labeled bag and so lamb went into the ravioli. It was a great addition – it went really well with the artichokes and added a lot of flavor to the dish.

The original recipe also called for frozen artichokes, which I could not find at neither Pathmark nor Whole Foods. Which made me wonder, where exactly are these sold? I substituted two jars of artichokes, which worked well, but I imagine the frozen ones are probably cheaper. So I am going to keep looking, maybe Trader Joe’s has them? Either way, artichokes are delicious and I really need to incorporate them more into my cooking.

The dish tasted absolutely delicious and is long gone as of this posting. Which is really sad because now I am dying for some more after writing all this!



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Yesterday was a snow day! We got tons of snow here and had a great time relaxing and periodically jumping up to check out the snow accumulation. And, of course, to take photos! I love photos of snow:

So in honor of blizzard conditions and snow days, I’ve decided to post a summer recipe. Gourmet/Epicurious describes this as Provençal, yet light and I can’t really improve on that. The sauce is very delicate and subtle. The recipe recommends bass, but I think it is too meaty for this sauce and would totally overwhelm the delicateness of the sauce. I think any light white fish works well here, sole, tilapia, flounder, or any flat white fish would be great.

I haven’t posted too many fish recipes mostly because it is hard to get excited about fish sometimes. Sure, I like fish. My true love is shellfish, but I do like a good fish dish. But it is admittedly somewhat hard to blog about because it just doesn’t seem that exciting. Desserts are exciting. Fish is, well, fishy sometimes. But this fish is different. I promise.

So ignore that snow! Pretend it is summer! Also while you are dreaming, pretend you are in the south of France, eating this dish with some crusty French bread and smelling authentic fresh herbs de Provence. Because while I love taking photos of snow, I really prefer summer.


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