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In honor of Hannukah, I thought I would not make latkes (well not yet anyway, but they are coming!) and make pletzlach instead. Pletzlach are flattened rolls topped with chopped onions and poppy seeds. I actually had bookmarked this ages and ages ago, but it fell into bookmark oblivion during the Great Computer Crashes of 2007 and 2009 (yes I have terrible luck with computers). But I happily rediscovered it in the Hanukkah recipe slideshow in the New York Times this week.

This is a very simple yeast recipe – it has a lot of yeast and a short rise time, so they come together very quickly. I recently went to a baking demonstration by King Arthur Flour where I finally learned to knead bread properly and I am going to attempt to impart this knowledge via photos. But don’t be dissuaded by what will probably be an overly complicated and overwrought explanation. These are fast, delicious and they smell like a slice of onion-y heaven.

Merged Pletzach



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