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Dijon Chicken

After reading some of my recent recipes searching for typos, I realized I have a lot of dessert recipes on here. Four of my past five recipes are desserts. And four out of five dentists would probably tell me that is no good. So chicken today!

I love mustard, which is good because this is a very mustard recipe! I added a tablespoon or two of whole grain mustard to this because I had the end of a jar in the fridge and as Ina Garten says, whole grain mustard just seems more mustard-y. I think chicken thighs are just perfect for this recipe – the original calls for legs, which just seems all wrong. A longer cooking time with simmering in liquid is built for thighs. Also chicken thighs are seriously cheap.

I know it seems very un-summer to bring back the dutch oven, but the chicken doesn’t cook that long and it is way better than turning on the oven. Also the result is so delicious that you will be totally sold, I promise!

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos! Raw chicken is not particularly photogenic.



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Mustard Roasted Fish

I love the Barefoot Contessa. I don’t think I’ve ever watched an episode and not wanted to make at least one of her recipes. Everything she makes seems so light and fresh. Also, can we talk about her house in East Hampton? Insane. This is a fish recipe of hers and like all of her food, it is delicious, not super complicated and looks (and tastes) very impressive.


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