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La Petite Grocery Ravioli

Before I left New Orleans, I went on a grand tour of sorts of restaurants in New Orleans that I loved and wanted to go back to or had always wanted to try. Needless to say, I had a delicious time, but my pants haven’t fit the same since.

One place that I went to was La Petite Grocery. For years, I passed by and thought, oh that place looks cute, I should go there and then continued on my merry way. I was a fool. La Petite Grocery was amazingly good and I wish I could go back right now. I am still dreaming about the crabmeat baked in brie appetizer.

So when the Resident Frenchman and I went upstate this weekend and I discovered a stash of old Bon Appetit magazines, including one that featured a recipe from La Petite Grocery, I went nuts. As soon as we got home, I bought the ingredients and made the best ravioli ever (alternative recipe title). These are SO good. SO good. Can I write SO again, or is that bordering on annoying? The roasted garlic and goat cheese go perfectly with the shrimp and who doesn’t love a cream sauce flavored with shallots?

I love the idea of using wonton wrappers for ravioli – so much simpler than making pasta (though I do want to do that one day). Like with the aushak dumplings, making the ravioli is a little time consuming and feels very repetitive, but very worth it. If you don’t have the time to use all those wonton wrappers, this recipe halves very neatly.

There were several other NOLA restaurant recipes in this issue of Bon Appetit and I will be making all of the now (except for Lilette’s poached oysters in fennel-saffron soup, as oysters are not available here without paying for them with my firstborn). Next up is Herbsaint’s banana brown butter tart, so get excited!



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My Resident Frenchman’s dad used to live in Tribeca and they were constantly ordering takeout from this restaurant called Edward’s. Edward’s makes a mean sausage pasta. It is perfect – creamy sauce, perfectly cooked sausage, lots of basil, all melded together. So naturally, when I had some leftover sausage links, I thought, I need to make Edward’s pasta.

The recipe is actually (mostly) my own. The internet has been rather spotty here and before I could look up a few recipes for sausage pasta and cream tomato sauces, it booted me off. I spent a few minutes freaking out – the idea of cooking without a recipe and/or the internet to guide me was rather upsetting. But I was running out of time and needed to get going. So I started to cook the sausage, dice up an onion and some garlic and went from there. Eventually, the internet did work and I cheated a little bit to check out a sauce recipe (I thought a cup of cream seemed about right, but also slightly too much, so I wanted to check it out).

Result=delicious. Tasted just like Edward’s. I love love love cream based pasta sauces and they taste even better when you make them yourself. This will definitely be joining the “make all the time” recipes.


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