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Olive Oil Matzos

Passover food is usually awful. Matzo that tastes like cardboard, desserts that are dense, tasteless bricks, and dried out brisket that you have to wait an eternity to eat. But I’m here to tell you that things don’t have to be that way. I am reforming Passover food. And we are starting with matzo.

It is possible to make fresh, crisp matzo from scratch. Matzo that doesn’t taste like last weeks newspaper. Matzo that you would want to eat year round. Are you on the band wagon yet? Because I am. These were delicious. Crispy, flavorful and nothing like the stuff from the supermarket. These can be eaten year round and served without the justification of, well it is Passover. I think these would be wonderful dressed up with some exotic colored sea salt (pink salted matzos anyone?) or perhaps with some thyme or rosemary sprinkled on them. But they are also wonderful in their current simplicity.

These may or may not be kosher for passover, depending on your level of religiousness. Technically, matzo must be made in 18 minutes and with special flour. Obviously, I did not do that, but I think it is possible with this recipe. Even with taking photos and doing some clean up, making these took about 35-40 minutes to do by myself. The most time consuming part is rolling out the dough to extreme thinness, so if there are two people rolling, this becomes very doable. But I am not particularly observant to say the least, so take my kosher advice with a grain of pink sea salt.

A few notes. The oven is going to be extremely hot. The baking sheets will be extremely hot. Wear a glove (don’t just use a mitt) and be careful. I managed to burn the knuckle on my thumb (hence the oven glove recommendation) and it hurts! Watch the matzos very carefully, there is a fine line between crisp and burned.

Most irregular shaped matzo you’ll ever see



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Lemon Thyme Savory Cakes

I saw this recipe and was immediately intrigued. Lemon and thyme, with a sugar icing? How on earth would these taste? The answer is amazing – lemon and thyme obviously work well together and in cake form, they are delicious. And what on earth should these be called? These aren’t quite cupcakes and they aren’t quite muffins. I went with savory cakes, really for lack of a better term. The savory/sweet combination makes these the perfect brunch food. One day, I am going to wake up really early and make brunch and these are going to be on the menu. The cakes are very fluffy and airy and the icing is sweet, yet zesty. Mmmm…I wish the recipe had made more than 12. Probably for the best though.

The original recipe calls for making this in the blender. I do not have a blender. We hardly have any storage or counter space and I don’t drink too many frosty drinks, so I never really saw the point of the blender. So I used the appliance I do have, the Kitchen Aid, and it worked out just fine. My cakes were more muffin-y looking, with domed tops, compared to more flat topped cakes. I also don’t have a muffin tray (no storage space!), so I used silicon muffin cups on a baking sheet. Worked out fine, just lengthened the baking time. If I’ve learned anything from keeping this blog so far, it is that cooking, and even baking, is very adaptable and that you don’t need every gadget under the sun to make quality food.


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