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Sweet Pastry Crust

This is the best and easiest tart crust I have found. Tart crusts are actually very simple and look very professional, so don’t be afraid!

Sweet Pastry Crust
1 1/2 cups flour
1/8 tsp. of salt
1/2 cup unsalted COLD butter
1/4 cup white sugar
1 egg, slightly beaten

In a medium bowl, sift together flour and salt. Set aside
In a food processor, stand mixer or using a hand mixer with a large bowl, cream butter until softened. Add sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Add in egg gradually, beating until just incorporate. Don’t over do it!
Add in the flour mixture and beat just until mixture forms a ball.
Form dough into a disk, cover with plastic wrap and freeze or refrigerate for 20 minutes.
Roll out dough so that it fits an 8-9 tart pan with a removable bottom. Be sure not to overflour the counter. Roll the dough out from the center and do not pull on it.
Either fold the dough into quarters or roll onto rolling pin to place gently into pan. Gently push into place, without pulling. Press dough into the pan with your thumb and use the rolling pin over the top to remove excess. Prick bottom of dough several times and put into the freezer for 20 minutes again.
For a blind bake, bake at 400 degrees, with the unbaked shell lined with foil and weighed with pie weights or beans. Bake for about 20-25 mins until crust is dry and lightly golden brown.


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