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This was a really unique recipe that I spotted in Ruth Reichl’s memoir about her New York Times restaurant critic years. The book, by the way, is great. I loved that she included reprints of some of her more famous reviews and she is a very fluid and vivid writer. The book ends with her taking the editor position at Gourmet though, which is sad as I truly miss Gourmet. Bon Appetit is just not the same.

The recipe is Afghan and it is truly fantastic. I’ve never eaten Afghan food, nor spotted it on too many food blogs, and this is a terrible omission. This is a fabulous dish – spicy, but comforting, filling but not too heavy, and most importantly, beyond delicious. I made some large adjustments to the recipe, perhaps making it less authentically Afghan, but I put the original ingredients in parenthesis. And now am on a hunt for a good Afghan restaurant and more recipes, so I’m taking suggestions.

A final note, this recipe is a bit complicated. But it makes a healthy amount of food, so there will be plenty of leftovers, and I think it is one of those recipes that once you make it a few times and get the hang of it, things will roll more quickly.



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