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Meh. I hate to say it, but meh. I really wanted to love this. But I have a cranberry tart recipe that is way better and I should have made that for Thanksgiving instead of experimenting. I also forgot my camera so I don’t have too many photos either. If I were to make this again, I would definitely add more cranberries than I did, this tart needs more tartness (I love that sentence). I also would not blind bake the crust for as long as I did – I think 20 minutes, perhaps even 15 depending on the oven, should do it, since the tart is baked for quite a while with the filling. As a result of the long baking time, the crust was pretty dry and very brown (and it shrunk a ton). I am going to experiment with this one a bit though – it isn’t bad, it just needs a little something. Any ideas?



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