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Braised Short Ribs

The absolute best part about moving back to the NY area is the supermarkets! There are so many! And they are everywhere! New Orleans was definitely lacking in supermarkets. My resident Frenchman and I went to check out the new Korean supermarket that opened nearby and they had the most awesome looking meat cuts. The short ribs looked especially delicious and made me think of making braised short ribs.

This, if I may say so myself, was a brilliant idea. It has been so cold already, all I want to do is make thick hearty meals and snuggle up on the couch. This recipe was perfect for my mood. Warm, aromatic and delicious. The meat slid right off the bone at the touch of the fork and the sauce was so rich, with tasty bits of shallots and prosciutto. We ate it with the garlic roasted potatoes and rosemary acorn squash.



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